Break The Darkness

It’s time. The real battle is beginning, and it’s going to take everything the Chosen and their allies have to defeat the Evil Zorleg and bring light back to the Third Plane of Kalamar.

Kay-Lee begins to recall lessons from her childhood, memories of The Seer and the Queen showing her magics from Kalamar. It is from these memories she must recall what she’s meant to do next.

While Kay-Lee heals and recoups at InnisFree, Benjamin is still in trouble. Worse, She Who Has No Name begins searching for him in his weakened state, and she seeks to wreak havoc on the operating room Benjamin’s being treated in. The odds are against him, until the Guardian returns from his time at InnisFree to protect him.

With the life of the male Chosen in mortal peril, the Guardian, The Queen of the Seasons of Life, and the Seer devise a plan to hide Benjamin once again. They transport him to a secret place, certain that his peril on our world will convince the evil forces seeking to destroy him that they have succeeded.

She Who Has No Name is not convinced. She resigns herself nonetheless to searching once again for Kay-Lee. Furious that her prize prisoner has been swept from underneath her nose, the great witch begins to realize it’s going to take even greater devastation to succeed at overtaking Kalamar.

Now determined to undo tragedies in our world, Benjamin must take on his birthright as King of the Timewalkers and transform the Staff of Kalamar into its ultimate form, the Sword of Kalamar. Reevus must be awakened from his time as a vagabond, reminded of the purpose he serves as beloved storyteller.

While The Chosen gather their strength, Zorleg sets his sights on their Great Meeting Place. He still believes his great, evil power is his own. All the while, Benjamin’s power and strength continue to grow. He, too, has set his sights on the Great Meeting Place…with the goal of restoring it to its former glory.

The Child of the Lake watches over the last Ship of Kalamar. It begins to heal, slowly, quietly, tattered sails making way for new, hull becoming whole bit by bit. She Who Has No Name begins to realize that a great power for the forces of good is rising.

The Krazac must rise from their safe hiding place as a great battle commences. Zorleg would extinguish the Great Meeting Place…but he is not prepared to face the great power of The Chosen. The Child of the Lake begins to whisper in Zorleg’s ear from afar, making him question his position of power and beginning to drive him mad.

The Great Meeting Place sees its destiny as Benjamin and Zorleg finally face each other. Zorleg is astonished to find the things he thought long destroyed…now waiting to face him in battle. Worse for him, he comes to learn that the Children of Kalamar are, in fact, alive. He still does not recognize that his power comes from another, She Who Has No Name. She revels in glee watching him suffer at the hands of Benjamin…

…until she discovers Benjamin has known her whereabouts for some time. And he knows her true name: Kiwisa.

No longer safe in her dark abyss, Kiwisa must now face The Chosen herself. She must face the mighty Sword of Kalamar, against which she stands no chance.

The fall of Kiwisa and Zorleg signal the return of light to Kalamar. Reevus is now charged with telling the story of The Chosen, keeping their magic, power, and benevolence alive for generations to come.

Peace is restored to the Third Plane.