Rescue times three

She Who Has No Name, the witch of darkness, was banished into the great abyss long ago.  From within her black world, she extends her tendrils of retaliation and infects Kalamar with her own evil magic. Without his knowledge, she fuels Zorleg’s thirst for power, his rise to it, and the fall of the Planes. While Kalamar grows darker, She Who Has No Name continues to grow stronger, plotting out precisely how she will exact her revenge.

Using evil even greater and more mysterious than the Dark Lord, She Who Has No Name reaches out through the bounds of time and captures Kay-Lee.  She has grown tired of the ineptness of the Dark Lord in his attempts to rid Kalamar of The Chosen. She Who Has No Name has placed Kay-Lee in a small cell, leaving her alone and confused.

Deep within the Great Forest, the Guardian has become exhausted from a powerful ritual – the creation of the Tear of Healing. In his weakened state, the Guardian stumbles and falls.  Conveniently, in his diminished state, he is taken prisoner by two of the Elite Guard and sent on route to Zorleg’s keep.

Darkness engulfs the Third Plane of Kalamar, and Kay-Lee has only just begun to realize her powers and what she will need to do in order to save the lives of every soul living in darkness – including her own. Rose and the Krazac, hidden in a special place in time, are sent to free Kay-Lee and help her escape this peculiar prison. Covered with magical enchantments, they ride until Rose bids her farewell, assuring her the Krazac know exactly where she needs to go.  She rides through darkness until reaching the safety of InnisFree.

With Rose on her mission to rescue Kay-Lee, Benjamin must venture back to Kalamar and face Zorleg’s soldiers in order to save the Guardian. He must continue the fight to bring Kalamar’s light back while protecting the timeline in the world where he has been hidden. A new challenge arises when they discover the source of Zorleg’s great power…which means finding the even stronger, more dangerous mastermind orchestrating the downfall of Kalamar.

During his rescue of the Guardian, Benjamin obtains severe mortal wounds. In the same fashion Kay-Lee was moved to InnisFree, Benjamin is sent home to the care of talented doctors. But the prognosis is complicated and gruesome. She Who Has No Name extends her tendrils again, this time searching for Benjamin and finding him in his weakened condition. Rescue Times Three closes with Kay-Lee and the Guardian hidden away on the secret island of InnisFree, healing from their capture and unsure if Benjamin will survive either his mortal wounds or the attack of She Who Has No Name. On InnisFree, all seek an answer to one question: if one of The Chosen dies, who shall save Kalamar from Darkness?